KwikVial™ Oral Liquid Containers

Efficient. Fill 200 vials in less than six minutes without leaks.
Tamper Indicating. Foil lid cannot be opened and resealed without detection.
Storage. 200 15 mL Kwik-Vial Containers use less than a cubic foot of storage.
Versatile. 15 and 30 mL vials with 5 mL graduations accommodate volumes from 5 to 30 mL
Safe. Easy-fill vials eliminate repetitive motion stress injuries.

For fast and easy oral unit dosing. Fill, label and store oral liquids in KwikVial™ Containers.

Product Specifications



High-density polyethylene (HDPE) in 15
and 30 mL sizes. Fluid levels visible
through vial. Class A unit dose container
with 5 mL graduations.


Sealing Plug:

Polypropylene. Designed for manual
insertion or automated using the
Kwik-Vial Plug Dispenser.



Factory-sealed 3.9 mil foil composite for
strength, durability, and moisture and
gas barrier properties.


Amber Colorant:

Inert pigment won’t promote drug
oxidation. Conforms to USP 24
light resistance requirements.

Packaging trays keep vials clean, separated and in fill position.

50-unit tray allows efficient filling, plugging, labeling and storage.

Press-in plugs provide a tight, leak-proof seal. KwikVial™ Plug Dispenser holds 50 seal plugs for fast and clean assembly.

Bottom openings fill easily by hand. KwikVial™ Filling Extension attaches to any male luer fitting to guide the fluid path.

Complimentary labeling software stores formulary and frequently used labels, and creates and maintains a drug log. Labels are available in laser and pin-feed styles.

The KwikVial™ Start-Up Pack is provided at no charge with an original product order.