Your Job is to Protect and Save Lives;
Our Job is to Help You Do It.

Founded in 2016 by industry professionals with decades of collective medical device experience, the MedSafety Solutions team speaks your language and understands your hospital pharmacy’s non-negotiable need for quality, efficiency and predictability when selecting critical equipment and supplies. Nimble by design and friendly by nature, our team will do whatever is needed to make sure that you are well-informed about your IV administration choices and completely satisfied with the products and services you receive. Our goal is to be a trusted partner and we know that reliability, responsiveness, expertise and a friendly, human touch are what it takes to earn that trust.

Our Core Principles

Hospital pharmacies depend on a reliable flow of quality equipment and supplies. We eagerly accept this responsibility and cherish the privilege of providing pharmacies with advice and products they trust.

We believe that a friendly approach, combined with unquestioned expertise and an unwavering commitment to service, contributes to a high-functioning workplace in our offices and in your pharmacy. We have a good time doing our jobs, we genuinely like each other, we genuinely like our customers and we’re very good at what we do.

When we get the right equipment into the right hands at the right time, pharmacy techs are free to focus on the science of healthcare and not the minutiae of procurement.

We’re a relatively new company with an enduring passion for safety, service and improvement. We’re committed to maintaining and growing our business, and we’re just getting started.

MedSafety Leadership Team

Steve van Engen

Founder & CEO

Richard Downing

Co-Founder & VP of Operations & Engineering

Whitney Adams

Co-Founder and Controller

Rich Weiskopf

Senior Director of Quality & Regulatory

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